Investments By Region

Priority Sectors of the Region / State

No. State/ Region Priority
Promoted Sector Remark
1. Mandalay Region 1 Labor-Based Industry
2 Eco-Tourism Industry
3 Agricultural Production, Services and Value added Agricultural Production
4 Value added Food Production
5 Livestock Breeding
6 Building of Low-Cost Housing
2. Sagaing Region 1 Agriculture and Livestock Sector
2 Infrastructure Sector
3 Hotel and Tourism
4 Mining
3. MAGWAY REGION 1 Agriculture
2 Livestock
3 Electricity
4 Manufacturing
5 Hotel and Tourism
6 Forest
7 Mining
4. Bago 1 Solar and Electric Power Generation
2 Establishment of Industrial Estate
3 Establishing and Opening of Natural Resorts
4 Construction of Low-cost housing
5 Livestock and Production of freshwater farm products
6 Agriculture
7 Construction of road
8 Transportation
9 Planting rubber and production and distribution of value added ribbed sheets
10 Bamboo based Industry
5. Ayeyawady 1 Agriculture Sector Agriculture and its related sector
2 Livestock and Fishery Sector
3 Hotel and Tourism Sector
4 Transport and Communication Sector
5 Electric Sector
6 Manufacturing sector
7 Industrial Estate Sector
8 Supply and transport services
9 Education Services Sector
10 Health Services Sector
11 Research Development Sector
6. Yangon Region 1 Manufacturing Sector (Value-added products ၊ Imported substitute commodities) Cigarettee, Liqueur, Beer and harmful products to environment which are not included.
2 Infrastructure Sector Industrial Zones, Establishment of New urban areas, Low Cost Housing, Affordable Housing, High Cost Housing, Power Generation, Transmissions, Distribution, New Port Construction.
3 Information Technology Services Sector
4 Hotel and Tourism Sector
5 Education Services Sector
6 Health Services Sector
7 Supply and Transport Services Sector
7. Tanintharyi Region 1 Construction of road and bridge
- Eastern banlaw - kaw taw - theme hla - coalinn - kyauksayit - tyke kan road
- Minthan - maung lyaw bridge
- Themoat lyoat lyoat bridge
- Dawei - hteekhee road etc
2 Power generation , tramission and distribution( production of renewable energy)
3 Livestock production, breeding and production of fishery products and its related services …
4 Natural resources ( production of pearl and mining)
5 Agriculture and its related services …
6 City development activities ( water , waste water, municipality, affortable housing ) etc
7 Establishment of Industrial Zone
Establishment of new urban area
- Tawtwingyi urbanization
- Mawtaung urbanization
- Myeik urbanization
- Pu law , Pala urbanization
- Maungmagan urbanization
9 Construction of sea port and river port
10 Management , operation and maintenance of airport
11 Manufacturing : ( tyre, fish products, valued added production of prawn and crab, vegetable, fruit, garment, palm oil)
12 Hotel and tourism services
13 Other valued added ( rubber and betel nut tree)
14 Health care services
15 Education services
16 The production of rubber and other wooden
8. Kachin State 1 Agricultural Chinese would like to work in partnership in agriculture sector with Myanmar.
2 Production Value added product industries which related to agriculture could be built.
3 Hotel and Tourism Tourist attraction places could be identified.
4 Logistic Transportation sector would be developed because of existing Kanpaiti and Lweje boarder gates.
5 Housing Development Infrastructures need to be built in Myitkyina, Waing Maw and Banmaw.
9. Kayah State 1 Hotel & Tourism Services;
Agricultural Products Based Industries;
Renting Services on Agricultural Machines, Soil Testing Service, Weeding Activities and Sanitation of Pest and Pathogens;
Services for Constructing and Hiring Warehouse, Silos and Tank;
Value-added Production of Traditional Food;
Establishing The Infrastructure for Wholesale Market for Agricultural Products;
Hydropower Generation, Transmission and Distribution;
Production and Refinement of Minerals;
Passenger Transport and Freight Transport by Train;
Livestock Production, Breeding and Production of Fishery Products, and Its Related Services;
Production of Concrete, Cement, Limestone, Brick, Ceramic and Plaster;
2 Establishment of Livestock Zone;
Establishment of Industrial Zone;
Production of Marble;
Establishment of Forest Plantation;
Manufacturing of Pulp, Paper and Paper Board;
Construction of Dry Port and Bus Station;
3 Establishment of Cold Chain;
Health Services;
Education Services.
10. Kayin State 1 Agriculture Sector
2 Hotels and Tourism Travelling Sector
3 Manufacturing Sector
4 Transport and Logistics Sector
5 Electricity Sector
11. Chin State Hotel and Tourism Severices
Power generation, transmission and distribution
Agriculture and its related services (konjac, avocado, monkey cry, ginger, coffee, grape, mulberry tree)
2 Livestock production and breeding (Mythun, cattle and buffalo farming,breeding and production)
Establishment of infrasturesnd urban development
3 Establishment of Industrial Zone
12.။ Mon State Agricuiture / Livestock Sector
2 Rubber – based manufacturing
3 Agriculture/ Livestock-based value added manufacturing
4 Health Services Sector
5 Establishment of forest plantations
6 Eco- tourism
7 Rental Services of construction of waterport,warehouse, Silos and Lagoon
8 Electricity & Energy Sector
13. Rakhine State 1 Agriculture
2 Livestock and fishery
3 Education and human resource development
4 Infrastructure and transportation development
5 Tourism
6 Development and SMEs and Industrial zone
14. Shan State 1 Hotel and Tourism
2 Agriculture
3 Electrification
4 Agro-Based(Vale-Added)
5 Technology Service
6 Mining
7 Education Service
8 Transportation and Communication
9 Livestock and Fishery
10 International standard Banking service
15. Nay Pyi Taw 1 Agriculture and its related services (except cultivation and production of tobacco and virginia)
2 Livestock production, breeding and production of fishery products, and its related services
3 Manufacturing( Except manufacturing of cigarette, liqueur, beer, and other harmful products to health)
4 Supply and transport services
5 Education Services
6 Information technology services